We need your help to keep ring carriers in the circular economy so they never become waste.

The best way to become part of the RingRecycleMe™ community is by recycling your ring carriers post-use.  Ring carriers can be recycled only where #4 LDPE plastics are collected for recycling.  Where they are not, we’ve put a cost-free consumer recycling program in place.

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Ring carriers in Spain can be recycled
right in the yellow recycling bins.

2) Ship Through Correos

With Pre-Paid Shipping Label
  • Place your ring carriers (ideally more than 100+) in a box – the larger the quantity of carriers collected, the better it is for the environment. Only have a few carriers? No problem. Just place them in an appropriately sized envelope and follow the directions below.
  • Visit the Canada Post Office website and print a pre-paid label for your package. You can download a return label BY CLICKING HERE. When you click on the above link, a pop up will appear.The information you enter will be protected by our privacy policy, which can be viewed here.
  • Print and attach your label to the box or envelope.
  • Mail the box or envelope with your regular mail or simply drop it off at your local post office.

3) Ship Through Correos

Without Pre-Paid Shipping Label

If you prefer to mail your ring carriers without printing a label,
you may mail them via the Canada Post Office directly to:

c/o Cascades Recovery+
66 Shorncliffe Road
Toronto, ON M8Z 5K1