Our Partnership with Walmart Mexico is Making Recycling Easier for All

We are excited to bring an easy way for Mexican consumers to reduce waste on flexible plastics, including ring carriers, through Walmart’s initiative called Reciclamanía Evoluciona.

Consumers in Mexico can recycle beverage ring carriers at Walmart stores to give them a second useful life.

Recycling Banks are Located Across the Country to Help Increase Recycling Awareness and Participation

Ciudad de México: 
Walmart Express Axomitla
Walmart Supercenter Buenavista
Walmart Supercenter Cuitláhuac
Walmart y Sam’s Club Universidad
Walmart Acueducto de Guadalupe
Walmart Supercenter Eduardo Molina
Walmart Supercenter Las Aguilas
Walmart y Sam’s Club Lomas Toreo
Walmart Villacoapa
Walmart Supercenter Miramontes
Walmart Supercenter Taxqueña
Sam’s Club Polanco
Bodega Aurrerá Eztatlan
Bodega Aurrerá Pantitlan

Estado de México: 
Walmart y Sam’s Club Cuautitlán Izcalli
Walmart Supercenter Santa Elena
Walmart Supercenter Satélite
Walmart Sam’s Club La Piedad
Sam’s Club Uruapan
Walmart Express Río Mayo
Bodega Aurrerá Cuautla
Walmart Supercenter Símbolos Patrios
Bodega Aurrerá Santa Rosa
Bodega Auerrerá Margaritas
Walmart y Sam’s Club Querétaro
Quintana Roo: 
Walmart Supercenter Playa del Carmen
Walmart y Sam’s Club Cancún Labná
Bodega Aurrerá Chetumal Norte
Sam’s Club Mérida Oriente

We believe that by working closely with our industry partners, brand owners and consumers, we can achieve the fundamental shift to a circular economy for the benefit of our industry and people across the globe. After all, it takes all of us to make recycling work effectively to close the loop, and ultimately achieve a true zero-waste economy.